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Our Youtube Video Downloader is a simple and effective way to download Youtube videos. This software is easy to use and very fast. It can download videos of any quality, including HD.

How to use the Youtube Video Downloader?

1. Make sure the video is public and not restricted. Copy The Video Link from the address bar.

Youtube video Downloader

2. Paste the Video Link in the Youtube Video Downloader and hit download.

Youtube video Downloader

3. Select from the available formats and wait for your download to start.

Youtube video formats

Download HD Youtube Videos

With our web app, you can download HD Youtube videos in MP4 format with the click of a button—no need to download any additional software, plugins, or apps on your device. Youtube Downloader provides a way to save videos to watch later on and even share them with friends and family without any hassle. Never worry about any buffering or loading issues ever again.

Additionally, you can now store videos for offline viewing, which is useful for people with limited data plans or who travel very often.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Youtube Video Downloader?

Youtube video downloader by Savevideofast provides a simple and efficient way to download Youtube videos easily on your PC/MAC or even mobile devices such as the iPhone or Android. This web app is straightforward to use, fast, and user-friendly. Furthermore, it allows downloading YT videos in multiple formats, such as 3GP and MP4, and even converting videos to MP3 audio.

How to Convert YouTube Video Downloader MP3?

It is effortless to convert Youtube videos to MP3 Format. Navigate to, paste the youtube video link in the download box, and click the download button. Select the MP3 Format, and your download will start automatically. This is one of the best ways to store your favorite videos in MP3 Format from Youtube.

How Can I Convert YouTube Videos to 3GP Format?

The simplest way to convert videos from YT is using an online video converter like the Youtube video downloader from

How To Download Youtube Video Links For PC?

It is straightforward to download Youtube Videos on a PC. You will need to follow a few simple steps to do so:

  • Open Youtube and search for the video you wish to download; copy the video URL from the address bar or the share button.
  • Navigate to the website and open the Youtube Video downloader.
  • Paste the video link in the download box and press the download button.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and you will be given the option to choose the Format and quality of the video.
  • Select the appropriate format and quality, and your download will start immediately.

Do You Allow Downloading Large Videos From Youtube?

Yes, using our website, you can download large videos from Youtube. To do so, ensure you have a strong internet connection to reduce cut-offs. It is also always advised to use a reputable downloader like the Youtube video downloader by Savevideofast or even the 4K Youtube downloader for higher quality.

Is It Possible to Download YouTube Video Downloads on iPhone?

Yes, it is possible and easy to download videos on iPhone. All you need is a Youtube Video Downloader for iPhone, such as the one provided by

  • Make sure you are on IOS 13 and above, as the older iOS versions do not allow saving videos from the web browser.
  • Copy the video URL from your Youtube app using the share button and open Safari on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to and paste the video link in the download box, and hit the download button

Your download will start automatically once you choose the required Format and will be stored in your downloads folder on your iOS device.

Which Is the Best YouTube Video Downloader?

The best Youtube video downloader must be easy to use and user-friendly. The video downloader by Savevideofast qualifies in such as place. It provides YouTube downloads with the click of a button. Enter the video URL in the dialog box and hit the download button. Your download will then start immediately. And what’s more, absolutely no registration is required.

Why Won’t YouTube Downloader Download a Video?

There could be various reasons a Youtube Downloader won’t work as expected. To diagnose the issue properly, follow the steps below:

  • Check your antivirus software to see if it is not restricting or blocking the website and downloads.
  • Check if the website is trusted and has good reviews. If your antivirus software suspects the website, it is usually best to avoid such websites until further notice.
  • Finally, check later if the download works; sometimes, due to Youtube server updates and website app updates, the downloads may not always work. If it still does not work, try another Youtube video downloader online.

Why Use a YouTube Video Downloader?

The main reason to use a YouTube Video Downloader is to store videos offline for later use. Also, using a Youtube video downloader is the best option to avoid getting interrupted by ads between your favorite videos.

The other reasons are slow internet connections and video buffering issues; it is very reasonable to use a video downloader in such situations, especially when data and internet are limited; we can store the videos on our handheld devices and laptops for entertainment during travel.

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